TYSPOM Film Library is dedicated to serving the Film Society Movement of Australia.

We specialise in lending out and studying films made with no government funding.

Managed by Prodos S N Marinakis, TYSPOM is a small, Australian-based non-profit enterprise run entirely by volunteers — all of whom are involved in running a registered film society of their own.

TYSPOM is a project of the Screen & Study Institute (SASI) — an Australian non-profit educational institution.

Film Societies

TYSPOM makes films available for loan to registered film societies for their screeenings.

Costs include applicable screening rights fees, which are delivered automatically to the rights holder.

TYSPOM does not charge or collect or retain any fees for itself. Any expenses incurred (such as postage) are charged at cost price.


If you have made a film without government funding and would like to make it available to film societies across Australia, please contact us to discuss further.